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Splimple -serious about humour

Who writes our Splimples?
The man behind the words on most Splimple products is Stuart Caldwell. 

He can be contacted at Does he work as a freelance writer too?  Yes.

Who designed this website?
AH Design did.  And jolly clever they are too - they know all about back-ends, cookies and hyperlinks … and don’t even get them started on metatags  and plug-ins.  It’s all greek to us, which is why we’ve used them for a decade.  You’ll be none the wiser if you visit their website, but it might make you want to phone them:

Tell me about Alison’s Animals
Alison’s Animals are the creation of Alison Lingley.  She spent her formative years in stables where she loaded wheelbarrows with smelly stuff, fell off ponies and made friends with dogs.  In her spare time she drew the animals she worked with – until the drawing took over full time and she became a professional artist with commissions and work worldwide

Click here for Alison's website

Who prints our Splimples ?
Most Splimple card ranges are printed by Kingsdown Press of Bristol. Jolly nice people and FSC accredited … see them here:

Who makes our melamine?
Rutland-based Orchard Melamine have been manufacturing high quality melanine products since 1964.  You can find them at:

Want to know which football team Splimple recommend ?
Aston Villa of course. A penny of the value of each card sold, does not however go towards the purchase of new players. Splimple may be mad - but he's not that mad.




Splimple ranges
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