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Are we Brits obsessed with good food? Well, the TV schedules suggest so – and London has seen more new bars and dining rooms open in the past 12 months than ever before in its history.

And are we obsessed with sending greetings cards? Well, we send more cards than any other country in the world (1.8 billion), so obsession is probably not too strong a word!

So, isn’t it time for a combined greetings and recipe card range?

Yes. Which is why Splimple has created the concept of Eatings Cards, a range of 24 interesting recipes that double as greetings cards for every sort of occasion.

This first range of Eatings Cards features tasty recipes that make the most of our leftovers – and they include lots of helpful tips on reducing the 7.3 million tonnes of food and drink that are thrown away from our homes every year. Each recipe has been donated by


… the charity that that works to reduce food waste through its Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

And we’re donating 10% of the price paid by retailers for each card, to this worthwhile charity.

The six-age cards are open-wrapped and have an rrp of £2.99

Eatings Cards

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Alisons Animals cards

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