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Splimple -serious about humour

We won't bore you with an ego-stroking history of how wonderful our company is and what super people we are to work with … all you really want to know is whether our products are right for your shop – and if they are, can we deliver them on time and will they sell?

You are the only person who can make the judgement about what is right for your shop. What we can tell you is that since establishing Splimple fifteen years ago we've listened and learned from retailers about what tends to sell and what doesn't –
and with every new range we launch, a little more

wisdom & commercial awareness is poured into it.

As far as service is concerned, we have representatives covering the UK and Ireland and 85% of our orders leave our warehouse within 36 hours of receipt. We never substitute designs and we'll always guide you towards our best sellers.

Do our products sell? Well, most of our orders come from existing customers, so that's a good sign. When slow sellers emerge (and they do of course) we delete them from our ranges – and we never let our customers get stuck with obsolete stock.

We always use high quality materials, sourced and printed to FSC standards. All our cards are cellowrapped and all our mugs are boxed.

Whilst we specialise exclusively in humour, we have different ranges suited to different outlets – so Splimple products can be found in a very wide range of retail environments – from garden centres, bookshops and good card and gift shops, to stationers, motorway service areas, veterinary surgeries and even cinemas!

If you're really bored and desperate to know more about Splimple: Splimple was established in 2003 by a one-eyed, bald man (Stuart Caldwell, if you must know), who lives near Stratford on Avon, keeps hens, is a shockingly bad (and irritatingly enthusiastic) guitarist, has a penchant for Double Decker bars (yum) and is a little too keen on Aston Villa for his long suffering wife’s liking. He was originally a copywriter and spent 25 years running advertising agencies (yes – he really is that old). Initially Splimple only published work that he'd personally created – but these days the business is a fully-fledged publishing company with more than half of its products being the work of other creatives. There, will that do you?

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Splimple have won various prestigious awards for their products


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