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Within months of being created by Barry the penguin in 2009, there wasn’t a card shop at the South Pole that didn’t stock his cards. But Barry didn’t want fame ** so he gave the business-side of things to his mate Alec the human, who drew the silly pictures and translated Barry’s words from Gakker (penguin-speak) to English. Now Alec doesn’t want fame either – so he’s opened a café instead and has handed over the publishing to Splimple. There 24 designs in the range, printed on an embossed textured board and retailing at £2.35
** Barry still comes up with the ideas – and his Mum Edith still personally kisses every card for good luck before it leaves the South Pole.  And Alec still does the silly drawings.

Splimple ranges
PS - It's very dull - but if you want to read the small print (terms and conditions) click here